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FROM COSY TO CRISP - spring refresh

Spring has sprung! With warmer weather and a new fresh energy in the air, it is now a great time to give your home a spring refresh. 

There are a few ways how to approach this and it depends on what would you like to achieve, but overall you don’t need to redecorate every room with change of season. It doesn’t need much to re-energise the space. Remember – small changes CAN make a BIG difference. Never underestimate the change that only a few accessories, colour or re-designing your space can make. Not only for your home but also how you feel in it.

Whatever your plan is and whatever the changes you want to make, the first thing you need to do is declutter and organise the space. Hibernating phase is over and its time to put away items that have accumulated during the winter and we don’t need. Give the space a fresh start. This doesn’t cost anything and the result that you get is so worth the time and effort. Not just that your room will get an instant lift, you will also feel great!

Once you have done this, look around the house and think about how you feel in each space. What would you like to change? Are there items or furniture, decor you would like to replace? Does the room feel dark and uninviting? Do you need to give the room a spring lift? Do you need fresh ideas to bring life to it? Is there a piece of furniture that looks tired? Does the space have a good indoor outdoor flow or do you need to re-arrange the furniture?

Whatever the changes make sure they reflect your interior style, so your home looks and feels cohesive and has a good flow.

Here are a few tips how to bring your space to life with fresh ideas:

Add a touch of colour. It can be as easy as changing your scatter cushions or adding new ones. There is such a good selection of ready made cushions available and tropical prints are still big this season. It’s all about bringing the outdoor in. Think about bright and colourful designs as well as lighter textures to reflect the lightness of spring. If you like more subtle patterns and colours, play with textures to add interest. and introduce light and natural fibres for your soft furnishings. 

Re-arrange your accessories, mix them up and add a few new ones. Add greenery and new statement pieces to the your styling vignettes.

Cushions and accessories are inexpensive way to transform your room and it will give you an instant refresh.

Bring the outdoor in and refresh your home with fresh plants and greenery. This is an easy way to visually connect your interiors to the outdoor space.

Plants in pot stands are great to fill those empty corners and to add height where layering a room.

Re-arrange your furniture to work with the indoor outdoor flow. It will also give a completely new feel to a room. Your fireplace may not be the main focal point in this time of the year. If you have a view to a beautiful garden, make sure you arrange your furniture around that.

If it’s time to change your lounge or dining chairs then spring is a great time to liven up your living area with new furniture or a new rug. 

Don’t forget about your indoor – outdoor flow. Outdoor space becomes an extension of our home in warmer weather and summer months, so now is the best time to take action and decorate it for you and your family to enjoy it even more. For ideas how to decorate your outdoor space click here /

It doesn’t need much to transform your home. And you don’t need to do it alone. We are here to help you with fresh ideas and a lot of passion for creating beautiful homes that reflect you and your lifestyle. 

Get in touch to book a consultation for a  S P R I N G  H O M E  R E F R E S H. We will discuss one of our special  packages to suit your design needs:

/ ROOM REFRESH / perfect if you have a room / rooms that need a revamp. if it’s time to change some of your furniture, a rug and accessories and give your room/s a lift, than this is a perfect package for you. We can work with your existing furniture and decor and bring it to a whole new life adding some new pieces and bringing it all together. 

/ FINISHING TOUCHES / You may have moved in to a new house, but need fresh ideas to bring life to it. Or it is just time to refresh your decor and you don’t know where to start and how to bring it all together for a cohesive look. It’s all about those final finishing touches to add interest and personality to the room / home. We will find perfect pieces and style them for a fresh new look. Adding the right finishing touches will transform your space in your style.

/ NEW BEGINNINGS IN SPRING / Moving in to a new home? We can help you with spatial planning, furniture selection, window treatments and interior styling. Hunt for the perfect piece of furniture can be daunting and overwhelming with so much choice out there and lots to consider, let us help you create your perfect home.

/ HOME REFRESH RENOVATION / Planning to renovate? Involve us right from the beginning for the best outcome and to avoid costly mistakes. 


Images / source: Pinterest, Mulberi Soren Liv/Globewest, Weave, Warwick

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