Enhance the indoor outdoor living for the warm weather and create a seemless transition between interior spaces and adjoining outdoor space with the below tips.

Approach to styling an outdoor space is very similar to when I’m working on an interior space. It’s just another room that happens to be outside.

Every outdoor space is different and depending on its size we can, same as with an indoor space, create different zones. Do you have the area big enough for an outdoor dining table as well as a lounging set? If not, what do you use the space for? What is your family dynamic like? Answering these questions will help you determine outdoor furniture type and overall look and feel for the space.

Create a comfortable, inviting as well as a practical outdoor space using outdoor furniture that will accomodate for your needs i.e. if you have a big family make sure your outdoor dining table is big enough for entertaining, but scale and proportion are equally important as is when planning interior spaces.

When it comes to styling make sure your outdoor space feels like an extension of your home. It will give a sense of an extra room to your home.

There are some fantastic outdoor products available that have an indoor look and feel. Adding outdoor cushions, a rug and a throw to your outdoor furniture will instantly change the look and add some softness and cosiness to the outdoor space.

When it comes to styling with outdoor cushions make sure you use specialist outdoor fabric that will stand the test of time much better. You can either get them custom made or buy ready made. 

Find inspiration for your patterns and colour scheme in your surroundings i.e. if you have a tropical garden, you could choose cushions with tropical patterns or themes or colours that are associated with tropical theme (yellow, green, orange etc). If you have more of a traditional looking garden, you may consider different more traditional patterns and colour scheme.

What are other items to splurge on to make your outdoor area look fabulous?

Consider a nice outdoor rug. Layering your outdoor space will make it feel cosy and inviting for those warm spring and summer months.

Other items that will never go out of style are candles, pots of herbs, baskets where you can store blankets, fresh flowers from your garden.

Lighting – create an atmosphere using fairy lights and decorative lights. You can style our vase or coffee table with fairy lights or place them on greenery in the garden. 

Trends that can be worked into styling outdoor spaces this summer are mixing materials and lots of texture and layering. And tropical theme! 

Enjoy the warm weather and happy styling!


Images/source: Pinterest, Mulberi, Warwick, Maytime, James Dunlop/Mokum

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