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An often forgotten room in our home when it comes to styling is a bathroom. There are simple and beautiful ways how to add interest and personality to your bathroom and today I’m going to share some tips and trick that you can use to bring a new life to this highly functional space.

Before buying new accessories for your bathroom think about the atmosphere you would like to create – how do you want your bathroom to look and feel – is it a hotel chis or relaxed family bathroom or do you want to add a tropical vibe to it?

Before you start, consider the eye-line. How is it viewed from the doorway. It will be easy to identify areas that need to be styled.

Start with a vanity. Styling a vanity is like styling any other surface in your home.

Follow the rules of creating a vignette, adding texture, colour, different heights and groupings to create a visual interest. Start with a tray to keep it all organized and tidy. For example, incorporate some natural elements ie plants for texture and colour, candles, ceramic bowls, soap bar …

Towels – use towel as art. They are great to add texture, colour and pattern to you bathroom and they will help you create the desired mood and will reflect you style.

You can try different ways of styling them.

If you have the luxury of space and a bath add a feature stool beside your bath. It’s another functional surface that can be beautifully styled.


Candles, crystals, small towels, body products and don’t forget about your favourite book!

Add plant – plants are a lovely visual addition to a space and low maintenance option as most plants will thrive in a bathroom environment.

Last but not least – keep it simple and try to maintain a clutter free space.

Remember, changing accessories is the easiest and most cost effective way to embrace and introduce new trends and to keep it fresh and interesting.

Happy styling!

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