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Coffee table styling tips


There are many ways to style a coffee table, but there are some similarities and rules that you can follow to create a magazine-worthy set up.

First of all, remove everything you currently have on your coffee table and start from scratch. Remove remote controls and hide them in draws, storage units etc. There is no place for them on a coffee table! Your coffee table can become a cluttered mess, but if you follow the below tips and guidelines, you will create a coffee table of your dreams. It’s really not that difficult. 

Styling a coffee table is almost like styling any other surface using the rules of creating vignettes. What is a vignette? A vignette is your way of clustering your favourite items together to create little ‘scenes’ in your home. 

Don’t overthink it! Follow your personal style choosing the pieces you love. Chose pieces that tell a story.

General rule is to vary heights, colours and textures to create a visual interest and to tell a great visual story.

/1/ TRAYS are a good starting point when it comes to styling a coffee table. Use a nice neutral one to start building your vignette. All smaller decorative pieces will always look organised and styled when put on the tray. For a bigger table you can use a couple of trays.

/2/ Then you want to bring your eye level up! One way to do this is to use a vase filled with blooms as your highest point of reference. Plant and flowers are also great living touches to complement your decor. They add some organic beauty and soothing natural elements.

/3/ Add items with different heights and shapes. If everything is the same height it will look to flat.

/4/ Bring in sculptural pieces to keep your arrangement from laying flat. Add in something that is different, irregular shape or unusual (i.e. crystals, small metal sculptures, travel finds, shells/corals, etc)

/5/ Arrange pieces in odd numbers for an organic, effortless look.

/6/ use a candle to set the mood.

/7/ Stack a few of your favourite books with attractive covers and full of personality. Make sure they look as new and perfect.

Make sure you have fun along the way and change it around frequently to keep it fresh and interesting. You can only change a few objects and leave your favourite ones.

Happy styling!

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